Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here's where you can share with other kids what you're reading this summer. We'll post what we're reading too (see below.) If you try any of ours, write back and let us know what you thought. Thanks!--Children's Librarian Staff
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Gideon the Cutpurse : Being the First Part of the Gideon Trilogy 
by Linda Buckley-Archer
Looking for the next best series!? Well, look no further as this is a hot ticket. Peter and Kate, 12, have literally stumbled from the 21st century back to 1763. Their time travel must be connected to the antigravity machine Kate's father has been working on, but since it has been stolen by a vicious criminal called The Tar Man, they really have no choice but to trust Gideon, the stranger whose offer of help seems genuine enough, even if he is known as a cutpurse.  --Valerie

Lets do Nothing!  by Tony Fucile
This picture book is hilarious. Frankie and Sal have run out of things to do: "We've played every sport ever invented" and "baked enough cookies to feed a small country--" Then Sal hits upon a solution: "Let's do nothing!" How hard could that be? Maybe not a problem for Sal, the older kid, but Frankie's wild imagination causes the whole plan to run wild. --Valerie

The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
On a perfectly ordinary day, Peter Augustus Duchene goes to market. Instead of buying the fish and bread that his guardian, Vilna Lutz, has asked him to buy he uses the coin to pay a fortune-teller to get information about his sister, whom he believes to be dead. He is told that she is alive, and that an elephant will lead him to her. That very night at a performance in the town's opera house, a magician conjures up an elephant (by mistake) that crashes through the roof. And once again, you find yourself in a wonderful story by Kate DiCamillo. --Laura

Creature by Andre Zuckerman Breathtaking is the word for this alphabet book.  The sharp focused photographs have amazing detail. On each spread, a letter of the alphabet is presented in large, bold font in its capital and lowercase form along with a teasing photograph which adds to the fun of an animal guessing game.  Please comment!--Laura


  1. Big Al by Andrew Clements. The sad thing about Big Al is that he doesn't have a friend.But he got one by saving the fish who were in a net. I love the pictures they look totally real. Torro

  2. Try Goldie The Sunshine Fairy. I like the fairies. They were all pretty and helpful. I hate Jack Frost and his goblins because they are mean and steal the fairies instruments and ribbons. Sammy

  3. If you like fairies!! we just got in REALLY good fairy book called: The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Shlitz (illustrated by Angela Barrett.) --The Librarian

  4. Title: Emily Windsnap Series
    Author: Liz Kessler

    These books are about a special girl named Emily Winsap and her adventures in the Ocean. I would recommend them to people ages 7 and up, who enjoy fictional tales about mermaids.
    *Sharks :) (: ****

  5. Title: Savvy
    Author: Ingrid Law

    This book is about a girl named Mibs who is excited for her 13th birthday, because when each person in Mibs' family on her moms side turns 13 they discover their savvy.
    I would recomend this book to people who like books about super powers who are 5 and up.

  6. Thanks Sharkey for your review! Here's the good news... there's a sequel!!! Click on this link to find out more and keep reading!!

  7. Title: Scumble
    Author: Ingrid Law
    Scumble is the best sequel to the best story ever... Savvy. Scumble is a story about Mibs's cousin who has a problem with scumbleing her savvy. I would recomend this book to people who are 6 and up who like stories about more savvys.(super powers)

  8. This is great to know! Now I can pass the good news to other kids. I haven't had the chance to read Scumble but I loved Saavy. Thanks!