Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Read! For what it's worth,
You just might save Planet Earth! -- Monique

SPLASH INTO THE LIBRARY! We have many new books on board just waiting for you to dive into.  When you complete your eight hour summer reading log you will earn a grand prize. AND while your are earning your grand prize check out our awesome free summer programs happening at our branches.  While you're earning your grand prize, don't forget to visit us for our weekly branch raffles.  

GET CREATIVE ALL SUMMER LONG!  Roll up your sleeves and make some really cool crafts with recycled materials, come see magicians, musicians, dancers, and puppet shows, watch a few films, find out WHAT YOU CAN DO to help  our oceans, rivers and streams. Click on the What's Happening This Week button to find out more.

OH! and before we forget... If you read 16 hours you can enter into the SUPER RAFFLE.  And we have some awesome prizes this year.  See below for more information.

Who can sign-up?
Kids ages birth to 13 sign up at their local branch or bookmobile and record the amount of time they spend reading or being read to by someone else.

It’s fun! It's free! And we're in your neighborhood. Come check out the thousands of new books we have waiting for you. While you're here, surf our audio books. They're perfect for those long summer car rides, and shhhhhhh! you might find some movies while you are browsing our shelves.  Oh! yes! our prizes are very cool. So get off that couch! Come visit us all summer long. Make sure to stop by and say hi to your librarian -- they can find that book  just right for you.

Your local library (sign up at ONE location)
Saturday, June 5th and ends on July 31, 2010
Read 15 minutes or more each week and visit your local library to enter the Weekly Branch Raffle (one ticket per kid per week).

Weekly raffle prizes at each branch include:  Signed SF Giants baseball ;  passes to: Asian Art Museum; California Academy of Sciences, SF Zoo.

Read 8 hours to complete the program and win your choice of  a Grand Prize.
Grand Prize Choices include:
--A book
--A drawing tablet designed by Ashley Wolff --comes with a multi-colored pencil.
--Tickets to Aquarium of the Bay; Bay Area Discovery Museum; De Young Museum; Japanese Tea Garden; Presidio Bowl; S.F. Giants game; Zeum

Kids who read 16 hours can enter into a raffle for the SUPER RAFFLE.
--Family membership to a local museum or the zoo
--Sail on the Bay on a Catamaran for a family of 4
--Whale Watching for a family of 4
--Fishing Trip for a family of 4

 Kids who continue to read after they’ve earned the 8 hour Grand Prize can keep entering the Weekly Branch Raffle.

And finally, here's a huge thanks to author Ashley Wolff for designing our beautiful summer reading poster!


  1. I love reading books.

  2. Terrific! We'd really like to know what you are reading(it helps us give more ideas to kids looking for a good book.) Why don't you give us a review of a book you REALLY love. Or a review of a book you think should have been good but wasn't! Click on the "What are you Reading?" button and leave your review there. Or here is fine too. Thanks for writing us!

  3. When is the weekly raffle? And how do we know if he won or not? Please reply ASAP. Also, can you please list more choices of the grand prize to choose from, because my sister won't make it on time to the library so I have to cover for her? Okay, thank you so much. :)

  4. The weekly raffles happen at each branch. You may only enter at the branch you signed up at --one entry per week. The raffle is just for kids signed up and reading in the program.

    The complete grand prize choices (currently available) are listed above. See the section that starts "Read 8 hours to complete..." We will run out of some of these prizes, so it's a first come basis.

    Your sister must be present to receive her prizes and to enter the raffle. Please check with your branch to find out the last day kids can pick up prizes.

    Thanks for your great questions and hope this answers them!

  5. I was disapointed when we went to the library today to select my son's grand prize and tickets to the Zeum and a few other places were gone. In the future, it might be helpful to word make it a little more clear that prizes (or at least tickets) are on a first come first serve basis. We appreciate this program, I just felt really bad telling my son he couldn't get a ticket to the museum he wanted.

  6. Thank you for your comment,, we are sorry for the disappointment.